For this post I wanted to share something that helps contribute to a happy home at dinner time, because it can be a chaotic time. If you have little ones, you feel me, right? 

My boys (ages 6 and 3) sometimes have a hard time staying seated at dinner time, especially if they finish their food before everyone else. In order to keep their attention and make fun dinner time memories, we play a few games.

I think I got some of these ideas from a chick-fil-a game, so I definitely can’t take credit. Chick-fil-a saves the day AGAIN.

  1. Hide-n-Seek: No, we aren’t running around the house hiding while someone else finishes their dinner, but we are “hiding” in our imaginations. Someone will choose a place in the house – anywhere – and we have to guess where they’re hiding (yes or no questions only). Sometimes it’s quick (like when Markus (age 3) blurts out, “I’m in the oven!”) and sometimes it takes forever when a much more conspicuous place is chosen. It’s so fun! Give it a try!
  2. I’m Thinking of…: I’m sure you’ve played some variation of this game. One person says a category like, “I’m thinking of an Animal.” And then the other people try to guess by asking yes/no questions only. Another good time killer. 🙂
  3. Count to 10 Game: This is a personal fave that my family played growing up. Ideally you play this with 4 or more people and you simply count to ten BUT you can’t say more than one number in a row and if two people say a number at the same time, then you have to start back at one. There should be no pattern or order to the counting; each person just needs to blurt out a number, whenever they feel like it. It’s harder than you think! And quite fun! And if you don’t think it’s fun, then you’re doing it wrong. ha!

I hope this helps! Do you know of another good conversation game to play? Please let me know, if so. I would love to learn more since kids seem to want dinner EVERY NIGHT. Sheesh. 😉 Oh, and the bonus is that these games can also be played on road trips, waiting in lines, etc. too!

Here’s to some fun and peaceful(ish) dinners with your little ones.


2 thoughts on “DINNER TIME. games

  1. Those games sound like a lot of fun! We might try them tonight! We sometimes play the count to 10 game, but I didn’t know about the other ones! Thank you for the great ideas Kara!

    Love you lots! And miss you! ❤️❤️

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