SHOES OFF. mudroom remodel.

Mudrooms are THE greatest, don’t you think? It forces everyone to take their shoes off right away and hang up all the extra junk so it’s not thrown all around the house – that’s the idea anyway. Our old house had a mudroom space that we transformed, so this is something we really miss. In remembrance of that lovely room, I wanted to share the project in case YOU have a space like this that can be transformed. It would be SO worth it.

So, what became the mudroom was actually our laundry area before this project. I say “area,” cause it wasn’t an actual room — it was more like a closet. With sliding doors. That didn’t slide. It was obnoxious. Oh, and this area was right off the living room and let me tell you — our washing machine sounded like a JET was taking off IN our house when it would run. All this to say, we weren’t sad to move the washer and dryer to our basement to make this adjustment.

Okay I’ll show you the “before” but please don’t judge the mess, or the fact that the shelves were buckling from the weight of crapola on them. bahaha.


For this project, we hired an awesome contractor to build the bench, shelves, etc. but we did the demo, painting and staining of the bench.

Ready for the after?? Brace yourselves… 😉


Isn’t it great?! So open and airy, although I wish I could say it always looked this clean and tidy. It was super functional for our family so that’s what made us love it. It was right off the garage so we could come in and kick our shoes off into our designated space. We used the baskets up top to organize winter gear (hats, gloves, scarves, etc.). Oh, and I found the cute little dog-butt at a boutique, which was the best way to incorporate the whole family at the time.

Anyway, that’s a wrap! Do YOU have a space like this that can be transformed or made into something more functional for your family? I say dooooo it!

Huge hugs! XO!

~ Kara

6 thoughts on “SHOES OFF. mudroom remodel.

  1. As the current owners of this house, I can’t tell you how grateful we are (and how much of a selling point it was) to have this space! GAME. CHANGER. It does not look as clean as this right now though – ha. Still one of the most functional and definitely most used spaces!!

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  2. Love this kara! We are wanting to do a mudroom/laundry room remodel this spring! I’ve been debating between actual lockers (no doors) or the open hooks like you have. Did you like this? Did it seem like it got super cluttered really quick? I love the idea of saving money and just doing hooks but wonder if it will seem less clean if there are no dividers between the hooks? Know what I mean?!

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    1. Jody!! Thank you for reading my blog!! ❤ So great to hear from you. Yes, I know what you mean, totally. We debated the same thing but we loved the open hooks and felt like it was easier to put stuff away without doors (obviously we're lazy!) ha. I think having dividers between the hooks looks nice too…just totally depends on the look you like. It definitely did it cluttered, but I think that will happen no matter what. I would say if your mudroom is in a place that is more out in the open, then you may want doors or dividers, to keep it looking "cleaner," but otherwise this kind of thing worked great! Up to you! Hope this helps! XO! 🙂 Miss you!

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