LIPSTICK FOR YOUR DOORS. trim and hardware.

There were two doors in our house that needed some help. The first one, the door to our garage… ay-yay-yay, where do I begin? The door handle would get stuck often and become impossible to twist. So, basically, we felt locked IN our own house. Secondly, the cat door. Need I say more? We do not own a cat. Unfortunately you can’t really undo a thing like this, and buying a new door altogether seemed a little unnecessary (wood prices have gone way up due to COVID), but we needed to do SOMETHING.

New hardware was a “must” and since it always makes sense to match the door hinges to the handle, we bought oil-rubbed bronze hinges. We were not sad to see the discolored gold/brass hinges go. While the door was off the hinges anyway, we gave it a fresh coat of paint and WE PAINTED THE CAT DOOR!!!! We are geniuses! It helped so much to camoflauge the eye-sore!!

We also installed new, bigger trim, and I’m happy to report that the new hardware actually works! High-fives all around! πŸ™‚ We decided to get a keyless entry pad lock because we wanted to be able to lock and unlock the door without fumbling with keys, which has been so nice. The lock also has a bluetooth feature, which we haven’t set up yet (face-palm!), but it should be able to lock automatically when we are out of range (i.e. the garage) — cool, right??

Here’s a good side-by-side pic to show the before/after…

We also beautified the door to our backyard a bit. It actually had never been painted so we gave it some semi-gloss paint, new trim, new hinges, and new hardware and now she feels like a new woman! πŸ˜‰ Kinda like wearing a fresh shade of lipstick – it’s still the same door, just prettier and ready to show off her smile, or um…door opening skills? Baha.

I just think these little updates make a huge difference; and the big chunkier trim is more our style. So, which is your favorite style door trim?? There are tons of styles, but this picture shows an overview of a few:

For the record, getting new doors, trim, hardware, etc. in our first house made one of the biggest impacts, in my opinion.

For this easy update, this is what’s needed:

  • Door hardware
  • Door hinges (x3)
  • Trim (your preference!)
  • Miter Saw
  • Nail Gun
  • Wood putty & caulk (for touch ups and smoothing)
  • Paint (semi-gloss for doors & trim)

So get your lipstick on and love your DOORS! **MUAH!** πŸ˜‰

Huge hugs! Xo!

~ Kara

6 thoughts on “LIPSTICK FOR YOUR DOORS. trim and hardware.

  1. I’m loving seeing the before and after pictures of everything – especially the Pontiac house! We noticed the new doors right when we walked in the first time for our showing – such a massive difference! And, one that we are grateful we didn’t need to take on .. πŸ™‚

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