SOMEBUNNY TURNED ONE. birthday party inspiration.

I interrupt this regularly scheduled home-decor-blog to bring you a BIRTHDAY PARTY post. Party planning is another one of my passions and what I like to think of as a “love language” to my kids. Although I know there’s a lot of pressure in life to make sure we throw Pinterest-worthy parties, it is not my intention to make anyone feel like they NEED to go to this much effort for a party (not that I really did). I just happen to enjoy it, so that’s why I do what I do. I wasn’t sure if I was going to share these pictures, but if it helps someone in a far away land throw a similar themed party, then I’m happy to help! ❤

Okay, enough of the disclaimers, Kara. Get to the party! My littlest loveliest Lyndi turned ONE this month. My heart could explode with love for this girl, so, naturally, her birthday comes with mixed emotions. I still can’t believe how fast this year went and how wonderful she has made us feel during this crazy pandemic. ❤ ❤ ❤ We are so blessed!

Anyway, I chose to have a bunny-themed party for her and it was so much fun! As a little girl, I really REALLY wanted a bunny as a pet. In fact, I wanted one so bad that the very first power point I ever made was “10 Reasons Why Kara Needs a Bunny” (or something like that). 😉 No joke. It must not have been very convincing because I never got a bunny. Womp womp! 😦

So, we actually had two parties — one with just family where we had dinner and dessert (cake, of course!). The other party was a brunch play date with close friends. The pictures are pretty self explanatory, so here we go… 🙂

Yes, the whole family was required to wear bunny ears, and I couldn’t get over Lyndi’s bunny tail. ❤

“Bunny droppings” = chocolate covered almonds

“Garden favorites” = fresh cut peppers and carrots AND/OR carrots and spinach dip.

“Bunny bait” = a mixture of Annie’s graham crackers, mini marshmallows and m&m’s (you could do anything really!) I also found Annie’s confetti/birthday crackers and let me tell you…they are SO GOOD.

“Carrot juice” = V8 Mango juice. YUM!

I served other food, too, but this was everything that went with the theme. 🙂

Okay, THIS is my favorite part. For the play date, we borrowed a friend’s REAL LIVE BUNNIES! Two of them! Eek! It was a surprise for the kiddos and I could hardly sleep the night before. Meet Carlos and Benny. Unfortunately, Lyndi was terrified, but the other kids seemed to like them. They are “Rex” bunnies and are the softest kind around – trust me, I’ve had my feelers out, literally. 😉 Thank you to Amanda and Klara for letting us love on their humungous hare balls (see what I did there?) 😉 😉

Also, they maaaay have gotten away from us, twice, and been a little tricky to catch. Oops! But we gave them some exercise and it made for an exciting party. 😉

Last but not least, each kid got to pick a carrot from the carrot patch as a “thank you.” They were filled with cheese balls. I was excited to find triangle bags from Michael’s that actually had a carrot print on them, otherwise I probably would have tied them with green ribbon.

I had made these thank you notes (below, right) and had every intention of printing them out to tie on each carrot, but I ran out of time. Oh well.

I wanted to share the “collection” of printables I used for the party, in case anyone out there might want to use them down the road. I used to make things like this from scratch but then was introduced to a site that has a bunch of templates that are easily customizable – score! Such a time saver! I used the site for the invitation, and then made the other items off of that. I LOVE doing this kind of thing. 🙂


Note: you will see little black lines, which are “crop marks” to help guide you on where to cut (in case you were wondering what that was). 😉

Note: you will want to select 4-6 “pages” or “copies” on a page so that they print the correct size.

Note: I cut these out and taped to a toothpick to stick in the little white donuts, but you could use them anywhere.

Note: you will want to select 6-8 “pages” or “copies” on a page so that they print the correct size.

Contact me with any questions – I mean it!! Although, I’m pretty sure the people who read this are the ones who were at the party sooooo there’s that.

Thanks for checking out my baby girl’s first birthday bunny bash! I am so grateful for friends and family who helped celebrate! ❤

Huge hugs, my friends! XO!

~ Kara

5 thoughts on “SOMEBUNNY TURNED ONE. birthday party inspiration.

  1. Lyndi is sooo cute in those pictures!! And I think that bunny idea was such a great idea! Lyndi is getting so big, and I hope we can come see you guys soon!! ❤️❤️

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