CONFIDENCE. real talk.

Mom and Daughter

Someone once asked me what the difference is having a girl (after two sweet boys). I told them she makes me want to be *better* because she’ll be looking at ME. I want to be more confident, more selfless, more encouraging, and more gracious – with myself and others. So, little by little, I’m working on these things so I can better model them for my sweet little Lyndi. ❤

I’ve been feeling a nudge to elaborate more on these things, even though I don’t really want to. ha. But, here goes nothin. 😉

Confidence. This is something I’ve struggled with my whole life. I may seem like a confident person to some people (maybe? In some situations? I’m not sure.) But I am the QUEEN of overthinking things: “Am I doing this right? Am I good at this? Am I overdressed? Am I underdressed? Am I even dressed? Do these shoes go? Is there food in my teeth?” And the big one…”but what if I fail?” And on and on…

I’ve also struggled understanding my gifts, and being confident in them. I struggle to even admit what my gifts are (will it sound like bragging? what if people disagree?) but let me try…eh-hem…I, Kara, am good at being creative, dreaming and doing, making things pretty, and encouraging others. There I said it. And I’m trying to “lean in” to these gifts with…you guessed it…this blog! HAPPY PLACE, HAPPY FACE. 🙂 BUT I’ve wrestled with these thoughts:

  • “I can make things pretty – whoop-de-doo. Lots of people can do that.
  • “You can’t change the world by being creative.”
  • Why didn’t I get the gift of being a teacher to underprivileged kids or a doctor that heals people or a ridiculously good athlete, or fill in the blank…”
  • Other people can do it waaaay better.”

Have you ever had similar thoughts? It’s so easy to be envious of other people’s gifts or wonder if you can truly do anything special with your own gifts. But I have to remind myself that we are all given gifts for a purpose and each one is VALUABLE. So let’s talk about being creative and making things pretty (since that is the focus of this-here-blog): We were created BY a creator in HIS IMAGE (Genesis 1:27). That means we were made to create and enjoy beauty just. like. God. does. How cool is that?! By creating beauty in our homes, or simply FINDING beauty in our homes, we are reflecting the Creator! Mic drop.

So, if you like decorating and being creative in your homes, don’t feel guilty about it (like I did for too long). Embrace it, and enjoy it. There’s beauty INDOORS and outdoors, right?! But please hear this: if you DON’T like decorating or don’t feel like you’re gifted in this way, that’s okay! You can still appreciate beauty where you see it, and most likely, you’re creative in another area! …creative with your business strategies, creative with a dinner menu, creative teaching your children, or finding solutions to problems at work, and on and on. Everyone has creativity in them.

SO back to the confidence thing. I want to encourage you to be CONFIDENT in your gifts (whether it’s home decor or teaching or problem solving or managing or listening or making people laugh). You were given your gifts for a specific purpose and when you use your gifts, you bring glory to our Creator. YOU GOT THIS.

Side note – Ironically, my daughter, Lyndi, is on the verge of walking. She TOTALLY could do it if she wanted to because she cruises all over furniture and walks behind a pusher-toy so fast and so easily. However, the second we try to make her walk and let go of our hands, we see the fear in her eyes and she drops to the floor. But WE KNOW SHE CAN DO IT. She just doesn’t believe it herself! Does this sound familiar?! Oh dear, she’s already just like me. haha. So for anyone who needs encouragement in their gifts and what you are capable of, YOU CAN DO IT. 🙂 ❤

And my sister JUST sent me this and I love it. I’m trying to remind myself of this, and you should too!

The end. Whew.


~ Kara

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