FOR THE MAMA HEARTS. keepsake gifts.

Keepsake baby gift ideas

Happy belated Mother’s Day to all the Mama’s, soon-to-be Mama’s, and not-yet-Mama’s out there! Let me get to the point cause I’ve got lots of good stuff in this post…I want to share some of my favorite keepsake type things that were given to my kids. Why is it that we love anything that helps us hang onto our kids’ baby-ness? AND anything personalized? I meaaan, we don’t spend days and days trying to think of a name for NOTHIN, amiright? So, if you (or someone you know) is about to have a baby, or has an almost-one year old OR a young kiddo in general, you may want to invest in one of these great gift ideas… allow me to do some shopping for you: 😉

Birthday Book here. One of my dear friends gave this to our oldest son for his first birthday and I had to steal the idea to give to some friends as well. It’s a book to record each birthday celebration (i.e. who you celebrated with, when, where, favorite gifts, etc.) and it also records milestones and memories at each age too (i.e. funny quotes, favorite activities, best buddies, interview questions for the birthday kid, and more). It’s a great gift idea, so snatch it up now! Or, if you have a young kiddo, it’s not too late to get one and start recording their birthday celebrations (I bet you still remember a lot about their first several!) OH, and in case you can’t read the tagline on the book cover, it says, “Start this at birth, wrap it up at eighteen, fill it out together each year in between.” It RHYMES, so of course I love it. 😉

*Only the link above is an affiliate link, which means I could earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you) if you purchase through that link. I only recommend my very favorite things though – don’t you worry! 🙂

Baby Footprint Art Print – found on Etsy here. But wait, use code KARA10 for 10% off! eek! Okay so, my good friend/coworker gave us an art piece made from Lyndi’s actual.footprints. She asked for a copy of her hospital footprints and I thought, “um whyyyyy?!” but I obliged, and then was SPEECHLESS when I opened the sweet gift including her birth stats too. ❤ I LOVE IT! See sample art print below.

Damhorst Toys Name Stool here. A sweet friend and previous coworker gave one of these to EACH of my kids. I was blown away each time. It’s just SUCH a great gift! And my kids love putting the puzzle together and are so proud when they can do it. It also could double as a time-out stool or stepping stool in the bathroom…gotta love having multiple uses! And they are so well made – I highly recommend!

Name puzzle on Etsy here. I bought these for my Michigan nieces and another good friend a few years back and I was really happy with the quality. They seem to be well-loved, too. 🙂

Polymathmom Round Custom Wood Name Sign here. Ooooh my lanta…I am OBSESSED with my daughter’s name sign in her room from Grandpa & Grandma! They bought it, but I was able to design it, per my request (fonts, layouts, colors, etc.) and it was SO MUCH FUN. And I’m sure it’ll be in her room until she’s old and gray. 😉

Hand-knit doll from Cuddle & Kind. Get a 20% discount here! I’m ALSO obsessed with these dolls Lyndi has received as gifts from dear ole Nana in Michigan. They aren’t cheap but each doll purchased provides 10 meals to children in need around the world. How cool is that?! You can read more about their giving mission here. The dolls are just adorable and are seriously so well made! Lyndi has two of them (and counting!), and I secretly want one to sleep with too! 😉 There are a ton of different dolls – for boys and girls – so be sure to check them out!

Okay that’s all, for now. There are TONS of other great gifts and keepsakes my kids have received over the years, but I hope these helped with some gift ideas. ❤

What keepsake gifts are YOUR favorites? What will you keep forever? Who are they from? Why are they special?

Happy keepsaking! 😉 XO!

~ Kara

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