LONG AWAITED POST. bathroom reveal.

Bathroom Remodel

Ladies and gentleman, the post you *didn’t know* you were waiting for….our basement bathroom reveal. I just haven’t gotten around to posting about this even though it’s been done for a month or two. Man, time flies! But I am IN LOVE with how it turned out. Wanna see??

Here is where the little bathroom lives…in the basement play area, next to the guest bedroom.

These pics make it look bigger than it was, trust me, but here it is:

The shower was iiiiitsy-bitsy. Like, don’t drop the soap, because, well, good luck picking it up again. 😉 The ceilings were also lower than usual and we weren’t sure why. So, my poor father-in-law, who is quite tall, probably felt a little claustrophobic in here.

We went back and forth on the best plan for this bathroom for the longest time, but finally decided on this (see below), which meant moving the door to allow for a full size (normal) shower and also raising the ceiling to a normal height. Before deciding to move the door, I had been hung up on keeping the pull out couch on this wall because it fit here PERFECT, but, like usual, the lightbulb moment came a little bit later aaaaaand *LIGHTBULB*…why don’t we move the couch to the wall on the *other* side of the room?! Problem solved. WOOO!

Then I did my best (don’t laugh) to sketch out my vision for this space. 😉 It involved building out a ledge in the shower (for soap bottles, etc.), where the larger tile would be installed.

And now, let’s see that drawing come to LIFE…eeeek….

Uh-huh, uh-huh, I like it. ❤

We were able to use the same door, which was in bad shape, but there’s nothing a little caulking and fresh paint can’t fix. We picked this blue color called Krypton by Sherwin Williams. And this sign?! (below right) Need I say more?! 😉

And I fell in love with this bear picture, when I saw it, because it reminds me of our three little *mischievous* cubs.

Also. Can we talk about this floor tile?!!!! I mean, come. on. ❤ ❤ ❤ I know it may not be everyone’s taste, but it is MY cup of tea, MY mug of coffee AND MY glass of wine, if ya know what I mean! baha. 😉

The trickiest part was planning out exactly how the flower pattern would line up. Now, I’m a little anal I’ve been told (even though I HATE that word), but I wanted to make sure the flowers were centered, length-wise and width-wise, in the shower and bathroom. It may sound or look like an easy thing but it definitely took some time, and now I’m BFFs with the tile guy (or maybe his worst nightmare?!) lol. 😉

But the planning was worth it, and it was so fun to see my vision come to life!

I hope you enjoyed seeing this transformation. We are so happy with how it turned out, and also glad the project is done.

Now, come visit, ya hear?! and you’ll get to use this beautiful bathroom. 😉

Huge hugs! XO!

~ Kara

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