FRUIT NINJA. watermelon hack.

Bowl of Watermelon

Did anyone else ever play the game Fruit Ninja game on their iPad or phone? It’s a personal fave – who doesn’t love JUDO CHOPPING various melons and berries that fly into the air?! HIII-YA!

Well, today, boys and girls, I’m going to teach you how to be a fruit ninja with one of the most beloved summer melons – watermelon! I know summer is basically over but the watermelons I’ve bought lately have been SO GOOD. Mm! Get ’em while they’re good! 🤗

{ Also. I can’t believe this is my life — writing about how to cut up a watermelon. } 😛

So, I don’t remember where I discovered this method, but it has changed my life. Really, I used to haaaate cutting up watermelon. I would do it differently each time. There was no method to the madness. But NO MORE, my friends! Bring on the yummy melons!

First! Cut the bad boy right in half. Then, put one half on the cutting board, red side down.

Now, lookey-here. You start by cutting a very thin piece off the side of the watermelon, and then work your way around the melon.

Doesn’t it just look PRETTY?! 😍 We’re basically creating art here, people. After admiring your hexagon (or whatever “gon” you end up making), you can carefully chop the top off. Depending how thin you go, you’ll have some rind to carve off.

THEN, the fun part. Cut that beautiful sculpture in strips, like so…

Flop down the first chunk and cut more strips to make neat little square watermelon pieces.

Keep goin, piece by piece.

LOOOOK at this perfection! 😍 Mmm, I love me a big bowl of watermelon. Who doesn’t?!

That’s it! It’s so easy, and fun! But I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to cut up a melon and not have little thief hands around. 😉 Anyone else?

And this concludes my watermelon cutting tutorial. 😜 I hope you enjoyed learning a new, and hopefully easier, method. I sure think it’s easier than what I used to do! What do you think? Will you give it a try??

Thanks for reading! Have a fabulous day!

Huge hugs! XO! ❤

~ Kara

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