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Hi friends! Since this blog is about all-things-home, I wanted to share some of the must-haves that you can just go ahead and add to your cart right now, m-kay? 😘 K!

Note: this post contains affiliate links, which means I could earn a small commission if you purchase through my links (at no extra cost to you). Rest assured, I only recommend products I’ve used and love. XO!

Manual Lint Pill Remover

THIS. THING. is soooo cool and soooo satisfying. Our pillows and couches seem to always be getting “pill-y,” if you know what I mean. But no more! Just drag this magic thing across those sad little pillows and cushions and watch your jaw drop. The pill-y stuff is just gone! I stinking love it, and think everyone needs one! I looked into getting an electric pill remover, but this cheap one does the trick!

Carpet Tape

If you haven’t read this blog post about my obsession with this stuff, go ahead and take a gander. If you’ve ever had a problem keeping a rug in place, this stuff will save your life. You’re welcome.

Cord Hider

I also have written about my love for this product here. It’s just a necessity for any household that has glaring cords sticking out behind a tv or by a lamp. Cords are kind of like a house’s undies. No one wants to see that. πŸ˜‰

QUAKE HOLD Sticky Putty

My mom introduced me to this stuff because it’s a must-have in their motorhome to keep things on counters from rolling around when the RV is in motion. It’s all the rage in RV parks, apparently, because it’s stronger than regular “sticky tack.” I don’t know about you, but if this stuff keeps things secure in a MOVING VEHICLE, then it’s gotta be good, right? I gave it a try to secure some lamps to our end tables (because TWO SETS have been knocked off and broken into a kajillion pieces (*insert sobbing*)), and guess what!! My lamps are still standing!! This sticky putty has saved them from whizzing balls and flying objects more than a time or two. I’ve also used it behind and underneath frames on my bookshelves and on walls. The uses are endless! It’s a must!

Dead Sea Mud Mask Infused with Eucalyptus

Ok this *technically* isn’t for your home, but it is for your **Happy Face** πŸ˜‰ so I deem it blog appropriate. 😜 I just ran out of this mud mask, and I’ve had it for almost a year and a half! It lasted forever, and YOU GUYS! …The one good thing that came from COVID is that my face got spoiled with mud masks like TWICE A WEEK, since there was nothing else going on. I really liked the Eucalyptus smell to this one, although there are other scents you can choose from. And I really do think it helped minimize pores and keep my complexion healthier. GET ONE and enjoy spoiling yourself every once in awhile. 😊

And that’s a wrap! My top 5 Amazon home must-haves. These are all small and inexpensive items that make a big difference in your home. I hope you find that one or all of them help in some way.

Huge hugs! XO!

~ Kara

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