BAWK-BAWK. review of “Birdcall.”

Birdcall Review

Holy cow. Or holy chicken, actually. 🐔ðŸĪĢ I have a new favorite restaurant. Let’s pretend like I’m a restaurant reviewer for a second, m-kay? This will be fun!

Have you heard of Birdcall? If you don’t live in Colorado, you probably haven’t, but I bet it will be coming! I did some research and learned that it was founded in 2016, and is a fast growing company in Colorado and coming to Arizona next. I was trying to think of the best way to describe the restaurant and then I googled it and found this: (eh-hem)…

“Birdcall is a new kind of dining experience – enhanced through a blend of all-natural ingredients, superior hospitality and service, innovative art and design, and cutting edge technology.”

BINGO! Their Marketing team nailed it. 👌😄 Let’s look at this beaut of a restaurant, shall we? This is the Cherry Hills Village location that opened most recently. Each location has it’s own unique look and I love that! Isn’t it just GOOD LOOKING?! 😍

Then let’s just waltz right in… It has such a cool vibe, and gorgeous design throughout. I was oo-ing and ah-ing left and right. 🙂

We went early enough (recommended) that there wasn’t a line. You step right up to the screens on the right (above) and browse through the menu to select what you’d like to order. There are workers nearby to greet you, answer any questions you have, and offer recommendations. They have a full bar, as well, and lots of different sauces to choose from for their sandwiches. Mmm, we’ve been several times but there are still so many things I want to try!

After you order, you get your drinks, yada yada, and then the screen above the cubbies shows you how much longer you have until your order is ready, and then it shows up in the cute little cubby! OH – and try the Root Beer…AMAZING.

**I always gotta tell you the truth here though. The first time we went, I was disappointed with the wait time for our food. The restaurant wasn’t busy at all and it just took way longer than expected. We haven’t had that problem since, so I’m chalking it up to the fact that the store was still really new at that time. Last time we went the food was ready SUPER fast. Just gotta keep it real.**

My boys are OBSESSED with this place because of the *free* arcades!!! They have so much fun.

There was also a fun “video booth,” kinda like Snapchat filters, that also kept us occupied as we waited for our food. I just couldn’t stop saying, “I love this place!” haha.

Now the part you REALLY care about: The FOOD! What?…You mean you don’t care about the ambiance and entertainment as much as I do?! 😉

Feast your eyes on THIS bad boy…ðŸĪĐ The Deluxe Chicken Sandwich: all-natural crispy chicken, bacon, pepper jack cheese, tomato, lettuce, buttermilk herb mayo. And PLEASE take a look at the fries!!! My new favorite!! ðŸĪĪðŸĪ— Thin, and crispy-ish with visible specs of salt. MMMM!

The kids usually get the “Kids’ Nugget Meals” and overall, give the food two-thumbs-up and a cute-little-smirk. 👍👍🙂 Pro tip: there are quite a bit of fries that come in the kids meals, so I usually don’t have to order any for myself (you just have to sneak them from your kids!) 😉 My boys ask to go here ALL the time (I think mostly for the arcade games), 😉 but they always gobble up the food so fast!

Overall, we’d highly recommend Birdcall (and they’re not even paying me to say this!) Cory ordered gluten free chicken nuggets (all nuggets are gluten free) and he liked them more than Chick-fil-A’s nuggets. At Chick-fil-A he has to order plain grilled chicken nuggets (gf option), which just isn’t as tasty. We OF COURSE have a special place in our hearts for Chick-fil-A, though. Who doesn’t?! âĪ

I hope this helps if you’ve been curious about trying this place out. I’d recommend the Bird-B-Q sauce, Birdcall sauce, or Sriracha Aioli sauce. Oh, and the Asian Chicken Salad is sooo good! It’s a little pricier, and filling, so I think you could split it between two people. Enjoy!

Bawk-bawk!🐔ðŸĪŠ XO! âĪ

~ Kara

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