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Hi. Nice to meet you. I’m Kara.

I recently “hung up my high heels,” as I like to say, and quit my corporate job after almost 11 years. But let me get real. I will most definitely still be wearing heels whenever I feel like it, thankyouverymuch. Anyway, after having three sweet babies, who are my whole world, I knew I needed to focus 100% on our family, so here I am – a Stay at Home Mom. Although I love being with my kids, I needed an outlet, and I miss typing. So, blogging here I come! 

A little about me… I believe it’s more important to have a cute house, than a clean house (sorry to my spic-n-span Mother). I cringe spending money on necessary things like food and toilet paper, but bring me to Home Goods and make.it.rain.

I love coffee. I love ice cream. I love laughing. I love wine. I love Jesus. I love cheesy puns. I love browsing – any store, any time. I’m an overshare-er, a big perfectionist, extremely gullible and a tidbit ditzy. 😉 I have also recently been described as “bouncy” and a “woo-girl” (whatever that means?)! Although I may sound fun, I can also be a bit awkward, insecure, extremely indecisive, super impatient, oh, and directionally challenged. Now that you know my flaws, wanna be friends?! ha.

What else? I married my college sweetheart and we started our married lives in Colorado, where I grew up. Cory (my ginger-in-shining-armor) is the most patient, servant-hearted man, who just so happens to be pretty handy! I didn’t know he was good with power tools until we moved into our first home and began our love for renovations. Little by little we painted, patched, shiplapped, rearranged, planted, weeded, tiled, and learned a lot along the way. We have now been in our second house for over a year and are at it again; but mostly focused on whatever contributes to a happy home life, which is what matters most of all.

Well, enough about me. How about youuuu?!  🙂 

P.S. Click here to read my first blog post about where my love for decorating began. ❤

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