FAIRY DUST. sprinkle it on.

I have learned a secret to get my kids to eat pretty much anything! I call it FAIRY DUST in the form of… Brown Sugar! Or regular sugar. Or cupcake sprinkles. Just. Sprinkle. Any. Thing. On. I never said it was a healthy secret. Markus, our 3-year-old picky eater, asks for the “secret ingredient” andContinue reading “FAIRY DUST. sprinkle it on.”

SOMEBUNNY TURNED ONE. birthday party inspiration.

I interrupt this regularly scheduled home-decor-blog to bring you a BIRTHDAY PARTY post. Party planning is another one of my passions and what I like to think of as a “love language” to my kids. Although I know there’s a lot of pressure in life to make sure we throw Pinterest-worthy parties, it is notContinue reading “SOMEBUNNY TURNED ONE. birthday party inspiration.”

PURGE. get it out of here.

There’s something about a new year that makes you just want to purge stuff, right?! It’s still January, right? GAH – it’s almost MARCH???!!! Anyway, I have been wanting to get rid of so much extra junk around the house lately. I wanted to share a few things I’ve been doing to create a homeContinue reading “PURGE. get it out of here.”