BARE BUTT. makeover.

Oops, I meant “BRICK” – bare brick makeover. MADE-YA-LOOK! πŸ˜‰ Hellloooooo. It’s been awhile! My two oldest kiddos are back in school, so I have a little more TIIIIME and it feels SO GOOD. πŸ™‚ I wanted to post about a little project we did over the summer. Get excited! πŸ™‚ There was this plainContinue reading “BARE BUTT. makeover.”

DREAM COME TRUE. square paneling accent wall.

Some people dream of running marathons or climbing Everest or going to Tahiti, but not me – I dream of getting trim. on a wall. in a particular pattern. That’s it. Just kidding…Tahiti would be wonderful, but no thanks on the marathon or Everest. πŸ˜‰ I think I wanted to do a square-trim accent wallContinue reading “DREAM COME TRUE. square paneling accent wall.”


Digging up these old pictures is a blast from the past. This is a project from our dear ole first house that we put so much love into. ❀ I wanted to show you a two step transformation that we did on our master bathroom. The first step was to, kind of, “get by” becauseContinue reading “TWO-STEP TRANSFORMATION. master bathroom.”

A PLACE TO HANG YOUR HAT. entryway project.

I’m so excited to share about an easy update we did in our entryway. Several weeks back Cory said he was in the mood for a project (music to my ears!) πŸ˜‰ We had talked about doing this little update for awhile, so it seemed like the perfect Saturday project for us to tackle. IContinue reading “A PLACE TO HANG YOUR HAT. entryway project.”

LIPSTICK FOR YOUR DOORS. trim and hardware.

There were two doors in our house that needed some help. The first one, the door to our garage… ay-yay-yay, where do I begin? The door handle would get stuck often and become impossible to twist. So, basically, we felt locked IN our own house. Secondly, the cat door. Need I say more? We doContinue reading “LIPSTICK FOR YOUR DOORS. trim and hardware.”

WHAT’S COOKIN’ GOOD LOOKIN’. kitchen remodel.

I’m pulling out the big guns already, guys. I’m going to tell you about the biggest and best remodel in our house – our kitchen. Remodeling our kitchen has CHANGED me. I, Kara, now like to cook!! It’s a miracle.  You see, in our first house, the kitchen was itsy-bitsy and a little bit ugly-bugly.Continue reading “WHAT’S COOKIN’ GOOD LOOKIN’. kitchen remodel.”

SHOES OFF. mudroom remodel.

Mudrooms are THE greatest, don’t you think? It forces everyone to take their shoes off right away and hang up all the extra junk so it’s not thrown all around the house – that’s the idea anyway. Our old house had a mudroom space that we transformed, so this is something we really miss. InContinue reading “SHOES OFF. mudroom remodel.”

WALLPAPER. permanent vs. peel-n-stick.

I thought it would be appropriate to share about my experience with wallpaper since it’s becoming quite the trend. And I must say I LOVE it. It can completely transform a space, and I weirdly think it’s fun to apply. In fact, last summer, Cory took our boys camping so Lyndi (our bambino) and IContinue reading “WALLPAPER. permanent vs. peel-n-stick.”