GET IN MY CART. amazon home must-haves.

Hi friends! Since this blog is about all-things-home, I wanted to share some of the must-haves that you can just go ahead and add to your cart right now, m-kay? 😘 K! Note: this post contains affiliate links, which means I could earn a small commission if you purchase through my links (at no extraContinue reading “GET IN MY CART. amazon home must-haves.”

FRUIT NINJA. watermelon hack.

Did anyone else ever play the game Fruit Ninja game on their iPad or phone? It’s a personal fave – who doesn’t love JUDO CHOPPING various melons and berries that fly into the air?! HIII-YA! Well, today, boys and girls, I’m going to teach you how to be a fruit ninja with one of theContinue reading “FRUIT NINJA. watermelon hack.”

BARE BUTT. makeover.

Oops, I meant “BRICK” – bare brick makeover. MADE-YA-LOOK! 😉 Hellloooooo. It’s been awhile! My two oldest kiddos are back in school, so I have a little more TIIIIME and it feels SO GOOD. 🙂 I wanted to post about a little project we did over the summer. Get excited! 🙂 There was this plainContinue reading “BARE BUTT. makeover.”

MAY I CUT IN? painting hack.

Do you guys know what “cutting in” means? When we first started our home-making renovations and were going to start repainting some rooms, I had a good friend say she wanted to “cut in” and I thought she was trying to take over. #rude. 😉 But then I quickly learned what it meant, and nowContinue reading “MAY I CUT IN? painting hack.”

FAIRY DUST. sprinkle it on.

I have learned a secret to get my kids to eat pretty much anything! I call it FAIRY DUST in the form of… Brown Sugar! Or regular sugar. Or cupcake sprinkles. Just. Sprinkle. Any. Thing. On. I never said it was a healthy secret. Markus, our 3-year-old picky eater, asks for the “secret ingredient” andContinue reading “FAIRY DUST. sprinkle it on.”


Okay this is going to be fun! I want to show you *How to Style Your End Tables 3 ways,* kind of like *How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days* exceeeept….okay, it’s nothing like that. Shoot. 😉 That IS my favorite movie, though. ❤ Our room needed a little sprucing up and I wantedContinue reading “HOW TO STYLE YOUR END TABLES. three ways.”