MAY I CUT IN? painting hack.

Do you guys know what “cutting in” means? When we first started our home-making renovations and were going to start repainting some rooms, I had a good friend say she wanted to “cut in” and I thought she was trying to take over. #rude. 😉 But then I quickly learned what it meant, and nowContinue reading “MAY I CUT IN? painting hack.”

FAIRY DUST. sprinkle it on.

I have learned a secret to get my kids to eat pretty much anything! I call it FAIRY DUST in the form of… Brown Sugar! Or regular sugar. Or cupcake sprinkles. Just. Sprinkle. Any. Thing. On. I never said it was a healthy secret. Markus, our 3-year-old picky eater, asks for the “secret ingredient” andContinue reading “FAIRY DUST. sprinkle it on.”


Okay this is going to be fun! I want to show you *How to Style Your End Tables 3 ways,* kind of like *How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days* exceeeept….okay, it’s nothing like that. Shoot. 😉 That IS my favorite movie, though. ❤ Our room needed a little sprucing up and I wantedContinue reading “HOW TO STYLE YOUR END TABLES. three ways.”

BANE OF MY EXISTENCE. rug wrinkles.

Rug wrinkles. Doesn’t the sound of that just give you the heebie-jeebies!? We have a large area rug in our bedroom that just wouldn’t. lay. flat. I tried all the tricks — laying heavy things on top, pulling and yanking, heat, moisture, and we even rotated the entire rug (which isn’t easy, since it’s underContinue reading “BANE OF MY EXISTENCE. rug wrinkles.”

PURGE. get it out of here.

There’s something about a new year that makes you just want to purge stuff, right?! It’s still January, right? GAH – it’s almost MARCH???!!! Anyway, I have been wanting to get rid of so much extra junk around the house lately. I wanted to share a few things I’ve been doing to create a homeContinue reading “PURGE. get it out of here.”