PARTY IDEA. caramel apple bar.

I know, I know. I already posted about caramel apples here. In that post I said I’ve never made caramel apples before, which was true, but I HAVE made a caramel apple BAR before — multiple times, actually, using apple SLICES. It makes for such an easy and festive fall party! 🍁 So, let’s pretendContinue reading “PARTY IDEA. caramel apple bar.”

FALL TREAT. easy crock pot caramel apples.

It’s my kids’ Fall Break at school so I’ve been trying to fill our time with some fun fall traditions. My 7 year old insisted we make caramel apples, since he also made them at school and is a pro and all. 😉 Believe it or not, I don’t think I’ve ever made caramel applesContinue reading “FALL TREAT. easy crock pot caramel apples.”

WHITE STRIPES. shiplap love.

Isn’t it funny that the shiplap craze really is just a bunch of white stripes on a wall? But yet it looks so, so good. At least I think so! I hope it never goes out of style. White shiplap just makes everything look so bright and airy and I LOVE that. We’ve had aContinue reading “WHITE STRIPES. shiplap love.”

FRUIT NINJA. watermelon hack.

Did anyone else ever play the game Fruit Ninja game on their iPad or phone? It’s a personal fave – who doesn’t love JUDO CHOPPING various melons and berries that fly into the air?! HIII-YA! Well, today, boys and girls, I’m going to teach you how to be a fruit ninja with one of theContinue reading “FRUIT NINJA. watermelon hack.”

BARE BUTT. makeover.

Oops, I meant “BRICK” – bare brick makeover. MADE-YA-LOOK! 😉 Hellloooooo. It’s been awhile! My two oldest kiddos are back in school, so I have a little more TIIIIME and it feels SO GOOD. 🙂 I wanted to post about a little project we did over the summer. Get excited! 🙂 There was this plainContinue reading “BARE BUTT. makeover.”

FAMILY FAVORITE. gluten free chicken pad thai recipe.

I’m sort of hesitant to post this recipe and I’m not really sure why. It’s just REALLY GOOD and a total crowd-pleaser and if everyone makes it, then it will be less special when I make it. ha. But oh well…I’m going to share it anyway because I shouldn’t keep the goodness to myself, right?!Continue reading “FAMILY FAVORITE. gluten free chicken pad thai recipe.”


You guys are about to be let in on a little family secret. The easiest lasagna EVER, which happens to be the BEST lasagna ever. You’re welcome. And when I say it’s the easiest to make, I’ve never actually made any other kind, sooooo there’s that. But I DO think it’s easy and the nameContinue reading “SECRET FAMILY RECIPE. lasagna.”