PARTY IDEA. caramel apple bar.

I know, I know. I already posted about caramel apples here. In that post I said I’ve never made caramel apples before, which was true, but I HAVE made a caramel apple BAR before — multiple times, actually, using apple SLICES. It makes for such an easy and festive fall party! 🍁 So, let’s pretendContinue reading “PARTY IDEA. caramel apple bar.”

LIGHTEN UP. how to whitewash brick.

In our first house, we debated for SO LONG if we should whitewash our dark brick fireplace. I had always been drawn to that look so I had been on the “YES” train for a long time, but it’s a scary decision. Once you paint it, you can’t go back; everyone had a different opinionContinue reading “LIGHTEN UP. how to whitewash brick.”

IT’S FALL Y’ALL. 5 steps to add front porch decor on a budget.

It wouldn’t be Fall without a decked out front porch, amiright? Fall is definitely my new favorite season. Summer used to be my favorite so I could bake in the sun, go to the pool, and drive with the windows down, but SHOOT…I’m getting wrinkles, I don’t wanna get my hair wet, and I preferContinue reading “IT’S FALL Y’ALL. 5 steps to add front porch decor on a budget.”

SOMEBUNNY TURNED ONE. birthday party inspiration.

I interrupt this regularly scheduled home-decor-blog to bring you a BIRTHDAY PARTY post. Party planning is another one of my passions and what I like to think of as a “love language” to my kids. Although I know there’s a lot of pressure in life to make sure we throw Pinterest-worthy parties, it is notContinue reading “SOMEBUNNY TURNED ONE. birthday party inspiration.”

WHERE IT ALL BEGAN. the love of creating.

My first official blog post. Whewwww. Pressure is ON. Okay, so I wanted to share a bit more about where my love for decorating came from (or where I first discovered it, I guess). Does anybody remember the game ‘The Sims”? Please tell me I’m not the only one in the room raising my hand.Continue reading “WHERE IT ALL BEGAN. the love of creating.”